Janyce Stefan-Cole

Issue 21, Things That Matter, The Open Space Magazine: Essay, plays, interview, visuals, poetry, fiction; 425 pages. Included is my short tale, CLOWNS

THE DETECTIVE'S GARDEN: "Stefan-Cole has produced a parable that's less a detective story than a story about a detective—dreamlike, ruminative, and filled with questions impossible to answer." -Kirkus Reviews

HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD: "In Janyce Stefan-Cole’s sure-handed debut, Tinseltown trickery animates an emotional journey that springs into a delectable suspense..." -V Magazine

BEFORE TURNING FULL TIME TO WRITING, and publishing two novels, Janyce Stefan-Cole was a visual artist and a writer. A finalist for the James Jones First Novel Fellowship, and winner of Knock Literary Journal’s Ecolit Prize, stories and essays have also been included in the anthologies, Being Human: Call of the Wild, the Boston Globe bestselling, Dick for a Day, and The Healing Muse. Publications include essay, freelance journalism, and book reviews. Short, slice-of-life essays can be read on Goodreads and on Janyce's Facebook author page: Janyce Stefan-Cole/​AuthorPage

For Stefan-Cole writing is the thing. V.S. Pritchett in a letter to Graham Greene, “Of course, all writers try to strike a balance between what they will and what they must. The act of writing is an emanation of character. It is the result of the struggle with circumstances and oneself.” Time is the greatest commodity: the time to write. Her third novel, And Never Hit Ground, is soon to be published.

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