Janyce Stefan-Cole

Re-issued December, 2017

Edition Bibliotekos

Villard Books

BEING HUMAN: CALL OF THE WILD Edited by Gregory F. Tague

Including, Janyce Stefan-Cole's “Conversation with a Tree,” Ecolit prize winner, Knock Literary Magazine.
Many of these stories explore the lines cast under the surface of creation, characters looking for a nibble of understanding to make better sense of their place in an evolving world. Twelve authors, fifteen stories.


"Being Human wonders in the mysterious, and often whimsical, play of humanity as it interacts with, and seeks solace and identification in, nature."
-Ian S. Maloney, Ph.D, author of Melville's Monumental Imagination
"Obsession, aggression, denial, epiphany, qualms of conscience, a touch of magic realism; in these finely crafted stories ordinary people face unforeseen sides of themselves that range from brutal to compassionate to comic."
-Mindy Lewis author of Life Inside: A Memoir

Janyce Stefan-Cole introduces "Conversation with a Tree":
"I wanted to create a character tuned in to something more, not immune to the enduring chaos of the human spirit, which, I think, lives alongside our so-called civilized selves, and which calls to something untamed, perhaps a little wild, a little dangerous, but that if heard lifts us out of our usual habits, perceptions and presumptions."

The Boston Globe bestselling Anthology,
DICK FOR A DAY Edited by Fiona Giles

(Girls? What would you do if you had one?)

"Like Janyce Stefan-Cole, many of the women writing here imagine that merely possessing male genitals would make them unable to resist sexual urges for women ("They were beautiful; even the plain ones held hope and destiny between their legs.")."-PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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