Janyce Stefan-Cole

BEING HUMAN: CALL OF THE WILD Edited by Gregory F. Tague; Editions Bibliotekos

There are many difficult questions posed in the collection. Why do we kill certain creatures while nurturing others? When do we draw the line between protecting our property and letting other creatures live and thrive? What drives people to kill to protect their land? Many of these stories explore the lines cast under the surface of creation, characters looking for a nibble of understanding to make better sense of their place in an evolving world. Twelve authors, fifteen stories.

Janyce Stefan-Cole's “Conversation with a Tree,” Ecolit prize winner, Knock Literary Magazine, involves a recently divorced researcher of certain mental disorders. She is alone for the first time in the northern New England country house. It's a wet summer day and she sits in the pentagon room in view of the mountains veiled in mist, surrounded by acres of trees. One very large Hemlock sits just outside her picture window. She watches as raindrops collect on the thick lace-like fronds, realizing—fully for the first time—that trees are always out in the elements; rain, shine, drought or frost, they endure. And then the tree speaks.

"We are drawn along through humor and pathos into the complexity of human experience, our persistent questions and confusions about our origins, our ultimate place in the universe...Being Human wonders in the mysterious, and often whimsical, play of humanity as it interacts with, and seeks solace and identification in, nature." -Ian S. Maloney, Ph.D, author of Melville's Monumental Imagination

"Obsession, aggression, denial, epiphany, qualms of conscience, a touch of magic realism; in these finely crafted stories ordinary people face unforeseen sides of themselves that range from brutal to compassionate to comic."-Mindy Lewis author of Life Inside: A Memoir

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    Janyce Stefan-Cole introduces "Conversation with a Tree":
    "I wanted to create a character tuned in to something more, not immune to the enduring chaos of the human spirit, which, I think, lives alongside our so-called civilized selves, and which calls to something untamed, perhaps a little wild, a little dangerous, but that if heard lifts us out of our usual habits, perceptions and presumptions."

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    "Janyce Stefan-Cole has laced her witty, melancholy tale with Chandleresque bit players.”
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    The call of the wild does not mean running off into the woods hunting fish with one’s teeth.
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