Janyce Stefan-Cole

An Anthology of fiction, essay, poetry, cartoon and art

DICK FOR A DAY Edited by Fiona Giles Villard Books

The Boston Globe Bestselling Anthology:

In Dick for a Day, we find answers from many writers, feminists, scholars, performers, and artists. What's most exciting is that every woman will be able to ponder her own response--and discover, in Dick for a Day, the basis for arguments, fantasies, and gender benders of the most provocative kind.

Find out what Terry McMillan, Jenny Holzer, Sydney Biddle Barrows, Germaine Greer, Victoria Roberts, Janyce Stefan-Cole, Luisa Valenzuela and other prominent women have to say.

"...Like Janyce Stefan-Cole, many of the women writing here imagine that merely possessing male genitals would make them unable to resist sexual urges for women ("They were beautiful; even the plain ones held hope and destiny between their legs.")." --Publisher's Weekly

Selected Works

"Janyce Stefan-Cole has laced her witty, melancholy tale with Chandleresque bit players.”
Fiction Collection
The call of the wild does not mean running off into the woods hunting fish with one’s teeth.
What Would You Do If You Had One?

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