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Stefan-Cole (Hollywood Boulevard, 2012) has produced a parable that's less a detective story than a story about a detective—dreamlike, ruminative, and filled with questions impossible to answer.     -KIRKUS REVIEW

 RedCube Pictures YouTube  HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD

BEFORE TURNING FULL TIME TO WRITING, and publishing two novels, HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD, and THE DETECTIVE'S GARDEN (Unbridled Books), I was a visual artist and story writer. In addition to serving as books editor for Freewillliamsburg.com, I was a finalist for the James Jones First Novel Fellowship. Short fiction, essay, review and freelance journalism have appeared in: The Broadkill Review, The Laurel Review, The Open Space, issue 21, "Things That Matter".  A story, "Conversation with a Tree", received the Knock Literary Magazine Eco-lit prize, and was republished in the anthology, BEING HUMAN: Call of the Wild; Editions Bibliotekos. Other venues include: Fiction Writers Review, Pank Magazine, The Healing Muse, Main Street Rag, FLYPmedia, American Book Review, WG News + Arts, And Then, and the Boston Globe Best Selling anthology, DICK FOR A DAY; Villard Books.

For me writing is the thing. V.S. Pritchett in a letter to Graham Greene wrote, “Of course, all writers try to strike a balance between what they will and what they must. The act of writing is an emanation of character. It is the result of the struggle with circumstances and oneself.” Time is the greatest commodity: the time to write.