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OPEN SPACE, issue 21, "Things That Matter" : Essay, plays, interview, visuals, poetry, fiction, including JANYCE STEFAN-COLE'S short tale, "CLOWNS" http://the-open-space.org/new-releases/

BEING HUMAN: CALL OF THE WILD, Edited by Gregory F. Tague; Editions Bibliotekos

Including, Janyce Stefan-Cole's "Conversation with a Tree". Many of these stories explore the lines cast under the surface of creation, characters looking for a nibble of understanding to make better sense of their place in an evolving world. Twelve authors, fifteen stories.

REVIEWS: "Being Human wonders in the mysterious, and often whimsical, play of humanity as it interacts with, and seeks solace and identification in, nature." -Ian S. Maloney, Ph.D, athor Melville's Monumental Imagination


"Obsession, aggression, denial, epiphany, qualms of conscience, a touch of magic realism; in these finely crafted stories ordinary people face unforeseen sides of themselves that range from brutal to compassionate to comic."
-Mindy Lewis, author of Life Inside: A Memoir


Janyce Stefan-Cole on "Conversation with a Tree," Ecolit prize winner, Knock Literary Magazine:
"I wanted to create a character tuned in to something more, not immune to the enduring chaos of the human spirit, which, I think, lives alongside our so-called civilized selves, and which calls to something untamed, perhaps a little wild, a little dangerous, but that if heard lifts us out of our usual habits, perceptions and presumptions."

The Boston Globe bestselling anthology, DICK FOR A DAY Edited by Fiona Giles

(Girls? What would you do for a day?)

"Like Janyce Stefan-Cole, many of the women writing here imagine that merely possessing male genitals would make them unable to resist sexual urges for women ("They were beautiful; even the plain ones held hope and destiny between their legs.")." -PUBLISHERS WEEKLY



THE HEALING MUSE, issue 10, "My Sister's Diagnosis", State University of New York Center for Bioethics and Humanities