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The Detective's Garden


 "The Detective's Garden is an engrossing journey into one man's heart." -Foreword Reviews


"This leisurely yet convoluted thriller from Stefan-Cole opens with the philosophical musings of retired police detective Emil Milosec as he sits alone one June night in the garden of his Brooklyn house ... Crime fans can delight in mulling over all angles with Emil as the plot spirals toward a truly surprising revelation." -Publishers Weekly


"Dreamlike, ruminative, and filled with questions impossible to answer. Stefan-Cole has produced a parable that's less a detective story than a story about a detective—dreamlike, ruminative, and filled with questions impossible to answer." -Kirkus Reviews


"This is a mystery of subtle emotional shifts that add up to a climactic change. Like Graham Greene's heroes, Emil is totally enmeshed ... unable to resolve an external mystery until he addresses the internal one." -Not Another Book Review


"If you're a fan of cross-genre tales with memorable characters, The Detective's Garden: A Love Story and Medication on Murder will be a satisfying read." -New Pages


"What I love about The Detective's Garden, besides the fine, suspenseful writing, is Janyce Stefan-Cole's understanding of history—that it is a hostage-taker, a predator, and only fearless storyteller will submit to the undertow of its appetite." -Bob Shacochis, author The Woman Who Lost Her Soul


"Janyce Stefan-Cole's The Detective's Garden explores a mystery far deeper than the source of a severed finger that turns up in the garden of retired detective, Emil Milosec. No, the real mystery is the anguished human heart and the trail of grief, bloodshed and savagery that has followed humankind ever since its expulsion from that first Edenic garden, all the way to Emil's lonely courtyard in Brooklyn. A mystery both gruesome and metaphysical, this is a story that entertains while delving into the deepest conundrum of all—the tragedy that make us human." -Ed Falco, author The Family Corleone


"Like the best Graham Greene novels, The Detective's Garden coils deeply into a half-buried past. Stefan-Cole explodes the secrets of one man's life into a present that threatens and, finally, at a price, heals—utterly engaging and aware, with the loveliest sense of character and place." -Varley O'Connor, author The Master's Muse


Janyce Stefan-Cole's The Detective's Garden is on my list of favorite books from 2016. Her prose rhythm echoes a hard-boiled detective story, but the novel's content far exceeds our average expectations for a genre novel. The interior and exterior landscapes are so deftly rendered that readers will live the story, and the language is always popping with surprise. E. L. Doctorow once said to me that the best novelists are poets. I had almost forgotten he'd said that until I found The Detective's Garden." -Marlon L. Fick, author The Nowhere Man


"Contemplative and intriguing, The Detective's Garden is the story of ex NYPD Detective Emil Milosec, whose biggest crime is yet to be solved. With her story set in Brooklyn, Stefan-Cole, in beautifully evocative prose, takes us on a journey encompassing loss, love, and suspense, bringing her noir-tinged tale to a satisfying and totally unexpected conclusion." -John Stewart Wynne, author The Red Shoes





"A little bit quirky, a little bit noir…an intriguing crime novel with a pitch-perfect narration that sucks you right into the peculiar business that makes Hollywood what it is—and the equally peculiar business of finding one's muse." -Booklist


"In Janyce Stefan-Cole's sure-handed debut, Tinseltown trickery animates an emotional journey that springs into a delectable suspense. ..." -V Magazine Magazine


"Part mystery, part noir thriller and part psychological study, Hollywood Boulevard is a complex novel that can be read on several levels… Janyce Stefan-Cole skillfully captures the fuzzy zone between reality and script...and the obligation we have to pursue our talents... A literary thriller that's perfect for both weekend reading and book club discussion." -She Knows Entertainment News


"Stefan-Cole's fluid interplay between the inner life and outer experience of her narrator is what makes the deceptively simple story highly readable and profound... And the author's highly visual writing really does make you feel you are there. You don't so much feel you are watching a film; you feel you are in one." -Writers Read


"Janyce Stefan-Cole's…modern film noir novel about a movie star, her men, and her craft is an energetically entertaining and absorbing undertaking … An intelligent and creative first-person narrator …worth getting to know. Both movie and mystery fans will have fun with Hollywood Boulevard -NewPages.com


"Janyce Stefan-Cole's debut novelHollywood Boulevard is a literary Hollywood noir gem, skillfully told and peopled with unforgettable characters."-David Abrams, Largeheartedboy.com

"Janyce Stefan-Cole has laced her witty, melancholy tale with Chandleresque bit players: philanderers, faded starlets, homicidal strippers and flouncy sex kittens. She knows how to tell a story. Read it to the end." -John Turturro, actor, director, screenwriter


"Dialogue throughout the novel has the sharp edges of the dialogue of a Tarantino film, cuts deftly from scene to scene. Hollywood Boulevard is itself an architectural balancing act. The intertwining of setting, character, and plot that constitutes this novel's structure is a marvelous achievement. Taking on a milieu that is so much a part of our collective imagination, Stefan-Cole grasps the superficial celebrity skin of Hollywood and gives it a twist."-The Brooklyn Rail





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